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My Fitness Christmas Wishlist

fitness christmas wishlist

I have the unfortunate situation of having my birthday just 3 weeks before Christmas which means my Christmas Wishlist ends up fairly long since most of my family will ask about both at the same time. Here’s my favourite things I’m hoping to get this year.


Failing that, I’ll buy them myself 🙂


Buying health inspired gifts for others is tricky because you can cross over into offensive fairly easily. A book titled ‘how to lose all that excess fat fast’ is a little blunt for under the tree, and even a pack of calorie free konjac noodles isn’t quite what festive eating is about, however useful they might be.


Pulsin’ Chocolate Orange or Chocolate Mint bars


Pulsin’s Protein Booster bars are some of the most natural protein bars on the market, with wholesome ingredients and no added junk. No Christmas would be complete with out the chocolate-orange or chocolate-mint combo, and unlike a whole Terry’s chocolate orange, these are actually suitable for breakfast! Get 20% off all orders over £20 with code PTC20 at the checkout here.


Fitbakes Subscription

fitbakes low calorie cake review

Not sure about protein bars and want real cake? Fitbakes are your answer. Totally ‘real’ cake, but with slightly lower calorie ingredients and in bite size pieces that make portion control a doddle. Even my kids loved these! Code WH10 gets 10% off the whole store here. 


Sundried Eco Friendly Workout Clothes

  sundried workout clothes

I expect you agree with me that chopping down rainforests to grow cotton plants and child labour are just unacceptable in the fashion industry. Sundried make wonderfully comfortable totally ethical workout clothes and you can get a whopping 50% off anything in store with code TFMF Here. 


Awesome Supplements Chocolate Nut Protein Powder

Vegan protein powders mix better than whey when heated, so are perfect for a hearty bowl of porridge to warm you up on cold mornings. Chocolate-Nut is another festival classic and you can get 5% of with code POLLYH05 Here. 



vitl dna health test

What unusual gift do you get the health conscious person who has everything? A DNA test of course! Unlike lifestyle choices, we can’t change our DNA, but we can make the best decisions based on the DNA we’ve got. Code FITMUMDNA get’s a huge £120 off the RRP Here!


Luxury Workout Mat

My cat likes to claw at my workout mat and it’s getting pretty tatty (true story). I’m hoping this extra thick non-tear mat will last a bit longer!

FitBit Alta

I lost my FitBit fitness tracker a year ago when it fell off at a Ronan Keating concert in Brighton (another true story) so I’m hoping for a replacement. I love the colour of this – Fit Mum purple!


What will you be putting on your list to Santa this year? I’d love to know what’s on your Christmas wishlist – come and tell me in my free Facebook Group here!



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