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Personalize Your Diet Plan: Step 1

Sorry, there is no such thing as the perfect diet plan.

Or let me rethink that…

There is such thing as an almost perfect diet plan for a particular person on a particular day, but since we can only know so much about that person on any given single day, it makes it near impossible to make a diet plan that’s perfect for two different people, or even for the same person but on different days!

That being said, if you know how to tweak your diet according to a few key circumstances, you will be adapting what you eat to what your body needs,and that’s the secret to getting it right, whatever your goals.

Establishing your goals

The first thing you have to do is work out exactly what it is you want to achieve

Is your goal to pack on 15lb of muscle and compete in a power lift meet? Is it to address digestive problems like IBS and to stop needing an hour’s afternoon nap and 10 coffee’s a days just to get through? Did you splurge a little over Christmas and want to lose that half a stone?

Each goal will have unique starting points

For example, to gain muscle you’ll need to eat many more calories and combine this with weight lifting. To solve digestive issues you might try eliminating one suspect food at a time and see if you’re reacting to something. To keep it simple, I’m going to address the most common goal at this time of year – weight loss.

The solution to weight loss is simple, but not easy

It’s simple because all you have to do is eat fewer calories than you burn.

Unfortunately, hunger and cravings tend to go up when we do this, and energy levels can go down, along with out will power and ability to stick to the diet.

personalized diet plan_2Ultimately the best diet is the one you can stick to but it has to fit the following criteria:

• Keeps you feeling full

• Stops you craving unhelpful foods

• Leaves you with plenty of energy (check out VITL for personalised vitamin recommendations)

• Gets results (in this case weight loss)

What is required varies from person to person

Some people may need more fibre and protein, more or fewer starchy carbohydrates or fat, or can go for longer or shorter periods between eating.

Pay attention to your hunger, food cravings, energy levels and mood as well as weight loss and measurements –  write them alongside a food diary so you can see what affects you in different ways. This will help you decide if you need to make changes anywhere to help you continue and make progress.


Watch this video afterwards too; Why You Need a Personalised Diet


How you adjust your plan depends on how you are feeling (hunger, energy and cravings) and how your body is responding (fat or weight loss or gain). How you feel can change from day to day, so it really pays to stop and ask yourself how you’re feeling and let your diet adapt accordingly.

Now you’re all set up for a personalized diet plan – learn how to alter your diet in Step 2 Here

N.B. Please seek advice from a qualified individual if planning on taking any supplements, and inform them of any conditions you have or medication taken.


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