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Sausage & Veg Healthy Stew Recipe

sausage vegetable healthy stew recipe

While most people think stews and casseroles are stodgy and ‘fattening’ comfort food, this healthy stew recipe will show you how to make a hearty Winter meal that’s both comforting and waistline friendly!


Finding meals and recipes that are suitable for hungry teens and men, fussy kids, and Mums who are trying to shift a bit of weight is every Mum’s challenge.


Nobody wants to be cooking three separate meals every night, but how do you cater for everyone’s individual tastes and nutritional needs can be tricky.


Thankfully it can be made much simpler with one small trick; rather than altering family favourite recipes completely, just serve them up differently.


For weight loss, reducing calories is key, so one way to do this is to just have a much smaller portion. But that leaves you hungry, and hunger is never fun.


That’s where protein and fibre (vegetables) come in – protein is the most filling food type, while vegetables are high in satisfying fibre while being very low in calories. Basing meals primarily around protein such as meat, fish, eggs or tofu plus lots of vegetables or salad is an easy way to make all of your meals and recipes lower calorie while being just as filling.


Then for growing kids, active teens and hungry men you can add starchier foods to fulfil their higher energy needs, such as a side of potatoes, rice, bread or similar. That’s not to say you need to abstain from carbs, but cutting back to a couple of tablespoonfuls rather than a big pile is a very easy way to cut calories without having to learn or make completely new recipes. Win!


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This healthy sausage stew is a favourite with kids, because which kids don’t like sausages?! They could easily be swapped for Quorn sausages and the meat for firm tofu or Quorn pieces for vegetarians. And don’t feel tied down by the vegetables – if your family prefer, say, broccoli and courgettes then that’s fine with me! It freezes really well too, so make a batch and have some to hand for next time you’re in a hurry for a hearty meal.


Get the recipe over on the Henry, Fred & Felicity blog here

sausage vegetable healthy stew recipe


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