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Slow Metabolism? Might be ‘Starve Mode’

leigh peele starve mode slow metabolism

If you’re struggling to lose weight you’ve probably considered at some point whether it’s due to a slow metabolism.


Metabolism is your body burning energy (calories), so it stands to reason that if it’s slow, you’ll burn calories (lose weight) more slowly.


Metabolic Damage, Starvation Mode, Weight Loss Plateaus….Want to finally understand how it all works and if it’s real?

Author and Fitness Professional Leigh Peele writes: “Everyday, my inbox fills up with questions like:

  • “How do I get out of “Starvation Mode” without gaining weight?”
  • Will carbohydrates slow my metabolism?
  • “Why do I gain weight easier as I age?”
  • “What gives me true metabolic advantage?
  • “Have I cut my calories too low?
  • Why do I gain weight at all?!”
  • “Can I lose fat even though I have a metabolic condition?”

These are questions I see all the time. Thankfully, this book has those answers (and more)”.


It’s my (Polly) experience too – so many women just can’t understand why they’re not losing weight when they’re ‘doing everything right’.


This Book Covers The Following Topics:

leigh peele starve mode slow metabolism


  • What is starvation mode? Does it really exist?
  • What roles are my hormones playing during (and after) fat loss?
  • Is a metabolism damaged forever?
  • Which macronutrient speeds up my metabolism the most, really?
  • Do I have to gain weight if I increase calories?
  • What role does water play in my weight?
  • Do I need supplements or drugs to have a healthy metabolism?
  • What can I ask my dietitian or doctors to get the best help?
  • How I can I weed out bad research?
  • How long does it take to get a revving metabolism?
  • Is a calorie a calorie?
  • What is refeeding? How do I know if I need it?
  • If I increase calories fast, will I gain fat?
  • Have I plateaued in my fat loss?
  • How do I keep a fast metabolism at any age?


What You Are Getting With Your Starve Mode Purchase


“Starve Mode” – Explaining & Resetting Metabolic Problems That Can Come From Dieting

You are getting a 200+ page PDF book with over 270 references, 17 Chapters, and both peer reviewed and anecdotal experience on the topics on metabolic behavior. It features a foreword by one of my great mentors, Tom Venuto, a nationally published author of The Body Fat Solution.

“Starve Mode” – Audiobook

Personally, I love audiobooks. I use them as much as I can because I am a busy person and love getting my information while driving, training, or running errands. Instead of having to make a choice of one or the other, I give you both. You get 9+ hours of audio, read by me in MP3 form.

Calculator/Excel Sheet

If needing a little more hands on guidance, this might be up your alley. I have included 2 calculators in excel formats. This can also come in handy if math phobic, which I can personally relate to.

I love this book, there’s actually only a handful of those I’ve read (which is a LOT) that either aren’t full of inaccurate information, are too dogmatic and militant, and therefore difficult to follow, or just won’t help you solve the weight loss problem for various reasons. But this book is awesome!

Grab Your Copy Here!




(p.s. yes that’s an affiliate link; you don’t pay any more but I get a little something for telling you about the book. I’d never recommend anything I didn’t personally love and choose, but if that bothers you please feel free to get the book for the same price elsewhere).

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