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The Best Vegan Protein Foods (video)

What are the best vegan protein sources if you’re opting for a plant only diet?

I have vegans on my BodyBack programme, and whilst these women have the same health, energy and weightloss goals as everyone else, I find vegans need more help getting enough protein in their diet and moving away from eating mostly carbohydrates like grains.

Add to the mix that we’ve been conditioned for years to believe that fat isn’t good for us and we should all eat as little fat as possible, and you have a very restricted way of eating – it’s no wonder you’re feeling rubbish!

The first priority I take is to increase the amount of vegan protein sources consumed and make these the main part of any meal.

The second is to add in some more fat which will not only enable the body to function properly but will slow down carbohydrate digestion, helping to even out blood sugar and energy levels.

This video isn’t just for vegans – meat eaters can also get some more protein by choosing vegan protein containing foods when they fancy a meat-free meal.

Or you can swap your usual carbohydrate sides for a higher protein one, for example chickpea mash or quinoa in place of rice.

Protein is very important to all aspects of health from immunity to preventing age related muscle loss, and of course in weight loss and muscle growth and repair when exercising.

But most people talk about protein in the context of meat, fish, eggs and dairy, so what if you’re a vegan or vegetarian? This video answers that question.


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Some of my favourite vegan protein foods include:

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