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Weight Loss V Fat Loss

Weight Loss v Fat Loss

So you have lost weight, fab! Or is it? What did you lose? Fat? Fantastic. Water? Ok, if you had excess. Muscle? Uh Oh.

You see, what we really mean when we want to lose weight is that we want to be smaller, go down a dress size, and tone up. BUT muscle is heavier than fat, so if you’re looking lovely and lean, tight and toned, you might not actually weigh much less than your larger, flabbier self, even though you now look and feel so much better and healthier. See the problem with bathroom scales? A lean and toned woman may have a body fat % of 15-25% going from top athletes to someone who likes to stay fit and tones. Most average women have 25-31% body fat, with obese people being 32% or more.

So what are our real aims?

  1. Build muscle – no not bulk up like He-Man (showing my age there), women don’t bulk easily as we don’t have enough testosterone. But to look ‘toned’ and see muscular definition (6 pack, anyone?) you have to obviously have the muscle there in the first place.
  2. Burn fat. This will allow the muscles to be visible rather than hidden under a layer of fat, and give you the definition and change in body shape as well as size that you desire.

There are other advantages to this method. Muscle is the driver of metabolism; the more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn even at rest. You’ll feel stronger and everyday tasks like moving, lifting and unscrewing that jam jar will become easier. Resistance workouts (the ones needed to build muscle) also support bone density and reduce the risks of osteoporosis. This way of exercising at eating is anti-ageing and encourages toned and youthful skin, and full, thick hair. Training your body to burn fat for energy (known as Metabolic Conditioning) means that in burning this excess fat from your body you will have more, sustained energy and won’t feel the cold so much.

As a woman, I want to look good. As a Mum to two small children, I need stamina and energy, and for me this is by far the biggest benefit that could come from living The Fit Mum Formula lifestyle.

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