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Finally....A Solution for Busy Mums who struggle to stay in shape, but want to Easily Lose Weight, Tone Up and get you Body Back without it taking over your already stressful home & work life.

The Fit Mum Formula

Online Programme

Are you a Mum who struggles to stay in shape and fit everything around a busy schedule?
It is possible to Lose Weight, Tone up, have more energy and get your BodyBack without it taking over your already over packed Mum-life!

My name is Polly and if you can give me just 5 minutes, I’m going to show you how you too can your Body and your Body Confidence Back without complicated meal plans, going to the gym, or sacrificing precious time with your family and children.

But first let me tell you why I understand your struggles and how I came up with a solution…..

It's tough being a Mum but you are not alone. I'm a Mum of two young girls too. I'm in your shoes and I still struggle to look after myself properly what with a business to run, children, a husband and a home to look after as well. Even with the knowledge as a fitness & nutrition professional I'm far from perfect. My husband is often away and because I'm so busy I can't always get to the supermarket, so making meals out of whatever is in the house has become a necessity at times!

It wasn’t long ago that I was battling the same issues as you. A working mum to two preschool aged girls, struggling to make time to make a proper meal let alone exercise. However I had one major advantage over you; that is, my qualifications in nutrition and exercise extended me the knowledge on how to achieve this, though that’s not to say it was easy!

A big problem was time. If a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist struggles to train and eat well due to being a parent, then how the hell does anyone else manage it?! I’m not joking, at the time The Fit Mum Formula was founded, co-founder Angela McCall and I were sat there in my living room, kids chasing about, our youngest were starting to get grizzly and by the time we had fed the babies, rescued spilt drinks and soothed tension over shared toys, our tea had gone cold and we had barely started our planning meeting!

It would be great to just fit workouts in around nap times or school and work hours, but then as you know babies and children operate in their own time zones and not that of gym classes (that’s if we could even get childcare to go to them). They get sick, they're up all night, they miss school, and in an average week we spend our 'free time' ferrying them between clubs and activities. Joining a gym would just be a waste of money, and buying another DVD would simply add to our collections of dust gathering items. Simply put, our lives revolve around everyone else. 

What we wanted was a solution...

- that didn’t demand childcare help

- that was flexible, so we could work it into busy lives at times that suited us

- giving us you the ability to tap into professional knowledge when you need it, from someone who really understands what you are going through and what you need

- Workouts have to deliver fast results in short bursts, as getting an entire hour to ourselves is near impossible.

- Food plans have to mean meals can be thrown together in minutes without much thought, don't mean making separate meals to the rest of the family, are suitable for mothers who are breast-feeding, and everything can be tailored to suit each person’s own lifestyle, tastes and preferences.

So trust me when I say this program is designed around hard working, severely time restricted mothers. I go against what many other diet and exercise plans tell you to do because they're not realistic for most busy Mums. Trying to follow a plan that doesn't work for you will only add to the stress you have to deal with every day. The fact that your kids could be fully-grown and fled the nest is not a problem. You want your body back in the same way as any other Mum, and if you're fed up of stopping and starting plans that don't work for you, then it's time for a different approach.

How I will help you...

Mums just like you come to me struggling with a number of common themes:

    • Struggling to lose that last 1-3 stone of weight that hasn't come off even though your baby was born a while ago
    • Feel uncomfortable and self conscious in tight fitting clothes and hate feeling like they have to resort to baggy tops that hide their Mummy-tummy
    • ​Never feel sexy in underwear and feel embarrassed when undressed
    • ​Unhappy with the body they see in the mirror and are constantly scrutinising their reflection
    • ​Pick at unhealthy sugary foods to keep energy levels up because you have no energy or willpower left to make better choices
    • ​Stuck in a cycle of making the same meals on autopilot because you don't have the knowledge or mental energy to try something different
    • Fell overwhelmed by the mountain of diet and exercise (mis)information you hear every day
    • You need someone to look after you when all you seem to do is look after everyone else

You've probably seen those impractical detoxes and celebrity diets that are not relevant to your life in any way. Hunger from attempting to live off very low calorie liquid meals, complicated recipes, difficult exercise regimes, time consuming meals that don't cater for family needs, and even if they did make you drop pounds initially, you most likely regained the weight or you wouldn't be reading this now.

The problem with quick fixes and on-size-fits-all plans is they actually cause more harm than good in the long term and may make losing weight permanently in future much more difficult.

They are hard to stick to either because you're always hungry or craving the very foods you are told to avoid, or because they involved strict and complex systems that won't work when you are very short on time or haven't managed to get to the shops. Not having treats in the house isn't a realistic option in most family homes, and learning how to have treats without it turning into an all out binge is a skill you need to acquire.

They create a distorted relationship with food and poor body image, and don't teach you healthy eating skills you can use for life. Sugar free, fat free, carb free, juice cleanses, expensive 'magic' supplements - if you can't do it for life (and you can't), then you shouldn't be doing it now. 

To get out of this cycle you need to be committed to learning new skills and more importantly doing them, following my advice, and trusting the process that will get you the results you want.

Why I Care (warning, this might trigger you)

A few years ago I nearly died. I was 5 stone, my organs were failing, and I was on my third psychiatric hospital admission for Anorexia.  

I hated my body, I hated myself, and I used food to punish myself and to control my emotions.

When I look back now at how utterly miserable I was without the physical and mental health most people take for granted, it reminds me how far I've come, and how proud I am to be able to look after my body and fuel it so that living life is a joy, and no longer a struggle.

Now I know what you're thinking - I'm not anorexic I'm overweight!

Right; which means you have an unhealthy relationship with food, and not enough of the tools, strategies, mental strength and self-love to eat well and prioritise your health.

You might not have a full blown eating disorder but it all stems from the same thing really - if you love and nourish your body and care for it, then everything else falls into place, and the weight will take care of itself.

I expect you suffer from some of the same battles I had then - debates in your head, not knowing what you should or shouldn't eat, feeling guilty, and having no reassurance whether what you're doing is right or wrong. Your mind is consumed with thoughts of food, diets, how unhappy you are with your body...

It becomes so completely exhausting that you give up anyway and comfort eat all the foods you've been trying to avoid, justifying it by telling yourself you'll never be a 'successful dieter' so why bother trying?

Then you feel guilty and remorseful and vow to do better next time. 

And the cycle of deprivation and overeating continues.

It's NOT all in your head

I'm not a psychologist and if there are other factors influencing your eating behaviours like family or marital problems, or past traumas, then seeking help for these will likely help you in the long run.

But while we can't always control what's going on around us, there ARE things I can help you do to make sure you're at least eating healthily, being active and enjoying doing both as your energy and confidence increases. There really is so much more to making healthy decisions that simply willpower (which runs out), for example:

- If we get your blood sugar under control then you won't be so desperate for sugar you want to scream, and 'resisting' sugar filled snacks becomes easy

- When we train your body to burn fat stores for fuel you'll have tonnes more energy, even when little ones keep you up at night

- When we reduce your stress hormone levels (cortisol and adrenaline) you'll find exercise much easier and more enjoyable

- When we make sure your brain is receiving signals that you are full and need no more food, overeating doesn't happen

- And most importantly, when everything in life just gets too much and you can't see the wood through the trees, I'll help you carve out a path and find a realistic solution so that you stay on track no matter what life throws at you

Why the BodyBack programme is right for you

Mums in all levels get 24/7 access to the BodyBack online Member-Only Website with your own login and password and this includes:

  • ​Online workouts that are easy to follow, can be done whenever suits you, need no equipment, and are suitable for all fitness levels
  • All workouts are 30 minutes long, so you can fit into a lunch hour, or during nap time
  • Motivation to keep you progressing even when you're feeling stressed out and lacking willpower
  • I use the latest scientific approach of High Intensity Interval Training techniques to burn off unwanted fat fast
  • Keep your body burning fat long after you have finished your workout by learning and identifying your own metabolism’s response to food and life stimulants
  • Meal plans and food guides that are simple, quick, and don't require making separate meals for the family
  • Personal help and guidance transforming unhelpful habits into healthy long term skills
  • No foods are off limits, and we'll work within your personal preferences, choices, and lifestyle
  • Feel better within days, and have the energy and motivation to keep going towards your goals when you would have given up on other diets quickly in the past

How Does the BodyBack Programme Compare to other options?

The Fit Mum Formula’s
BodyBack Programme

Gym or
Health club

Exercising On
Your Own

Pay-As-You-Go Boot camp
or Classes

Diet Club

Guaranteed Satisfaction






Encouragement and Motivation






Nutrition Plans that work






Fat-Burning Exercises






Efficient and Time-Saving






Personal Support from your Coach






Teach Lifelong Habits






As a member, you’ll get…

Delicious Healthy Meals that are suitable for all the family 

Access to your Members Only Online Cookbook

Effective Fat-burning
Workouts you can do at
home in just 30 minutes with no equipment needed

Support from me
personally anytime you
need it 

Weekly, members-only Insider Tools packed with the exact blueprints and strategies that work, and I show you how to implement them to get the body and confidence you want 

…and much, much more!

BONUS 1: Entry to the Private Members' Only Support Group for advice, motivation, daily action steps and 24/7 connection with me and other Mums on the same journey as you.  

Bonus 2 :

BONUS 2: A free copy of my book ‘How To Make A Supershake’ so you’ll never get bored of ideas for quick, healthy and tasty meals in a hurry.

BONUS 3: Fat Burning Recipe Book (in addition to 100's of online recipes) so you never get bored of making the same meals. 

Join our community of like-minded Mums today!

Join now and start feeling like yourself again!

How The BodyBack Programme Works


Think back to the pictures and TV coverage of The Olympics. Think of the sprinters, with their slim but perfectly shaped bodies, their strong, toned limbs, clear muscular definition but without the bulk of a body builder, and their glowing skin and eyes. Now think of marathon runners. They are slim too, in fact whilst obviously fit many are very skinny and gaunt looking, with flabby skin hanging off their bones, dry, prematurely aged skin, rubbery knees and tiny sagging bottoms.

Why is this? Think about how they exercise. A sprinter pushes really hard for a few minutes, seconds even, exerting every last drop of effort and energy, then they rest. A marathon runner will go for hours, steadily pacing themselves. It is exactly this reason that the two have such different body shapes, and at The Fit Mum Formula we know which we prefer – make this your new mantra; Strong Is The New Skinny.

The resistance based workouts we provide take a mere 30 minutes, 3 times a week, and need no equipment. This, combined with some leisurely walking, is all you need since with this method the ‘afterburn’ you generate means you keep burning fat hours after you stop exercising!


HOW MANY calories you eat versus how many calories you burn determines whether you gain or lose weight – fact. WHAT foods those calories are made up of determines so much more. A slice of cake, a bowl of cereal and milk, and a chicken and vegetable stir fry might all have the same calories, but do they all have the same effect on your body? No, they do not.

Unfortunately certain foods can trigger hormonal and chemical responses that encourage your body to store fat rather than burn it, or burn muscle rather than repair it, so not only are you increasing fat cells in both size and number, but you are not burning that fat for energy so will feel tired, hungry, and crave more food. On The Fit Mum Formula programme you will be educated on what to eat to encourage FAT BURNING rather than storing, by supporting muscle tone and metabolism efficiency. The dietary advice is especially effective for people wanting to lose weight by keeping you full and your energy levels high so you don’t reach for high calorie junk foods to sustain you. By following the advice given you will experience increased energy, balanced blood sugar levels, improved focus and motivation, and of course changes in body size, shape and tone to give you a body you didn’t think was possible without hours of dedication and effort, not to mention good genes. And while on the subject of genes, your genetics do not dictate your body shape; it’s hormones that do.


Maybe you never realised how much your lifestyle habits had on your body; you’d be forgiven for thinking it was all about food and exercise. But notice how you feel after a late night and you’ll probably find you are hungrier the next day and are craving sugary, fatty, starchy foods. And how about if it’s dark and cloudy outside? Or you spend hours in front of artificial light such as the TV or computer when the night sky outside is saying you should be asleep? Had a bad day? Stressed out? Chocolate will cheer you up. Well there’s a reason you react to all these scenarios with food; once again, it comes down to hormones. Not only that, but when you are stressed or sleep deprived your body will store the food you eat as fat (whilst burning precious muscle) rather than using it to repair muscle or provide energy. It takes a lot of willpower to override these feelings that arise, so we teach you how to create the ideal environment and lifestyle that will not only make sticking to the programme so much easier, but it will help your body to do much of the work for you!

Here’s what people are saying about the BodyBack Programme So Far…

I have (apart from a couple of moments) stuck to the eating formula and am feeling much better for it. Even the kids are eating more healthily, and my boyfriend is having to by default!Must be looking better though as have had loads of people commenting on my weight! – all positive of course, and asking how to do it.


I’m coming to the end of my 6 week course. Despite nearly 2 weeks of no workouts because of a horrible virus that wiped me out, I have lost 6lb, never feel hungry and lost about 3% body fat. I will definitely keep on with the formula as it works for me. I am not missing sugar (by the way the Choc nut bars are FAB and you will NEVER crave chocolate if you have these in your fridge), enjoy the PB&J smoothies for breakfast most mornings which keeps me going for ages. Thank you Pollyanna Hale this has worked for me xxx”


Had to share that i’ve just jumped on the scales (couldn’t fight the urge any longer) and I’ve lost 0.8kg weight and 4% body fat … not sure if that’s good or bad but i’m pleased its going in the right direction with little changes.” [after 2 weeks on the BodyBack programme]


Time to start feeling like
your old self?


What is more, because sometimes trying an unknown or unfamiliar product or service can be a little daunting, especially if ‘exercise’ hasn’t really been on your agenda for a long time, I’ve thought of a way to help you out here as well!

I am proud to offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, giving you chance to try the programme and see for yourself what it’s all about! No arguments; if you decide this approach is not for you, I understand, everyone is different, and so all the risk is on me

So What Have You Got To Lose?

If you are a Mum aged 30-45 who is struggling with the same lifestyle constraints as I do ( lack if time, low energy, all your focus is on everyone else ) and are feeling unhappy in your own body , want to lose 1-3 stone of weight, tone up , get more energy, and feel like your old self again, then this programme is for you.

You must be committed to learning new skills and more importantly doing them, following my advice, and trusting the process that will get you the results you want.

All my Mums are required to commit to three months coaching to ensure enough time to allow us to create your optimal plan together, teach new skills and instil lifelong healthy habits, and above all deliver exceptional results. There is no contract however a diet should never be temporary, and the time each person needs to acquire the skills and confidence you need is very individual. 

This is the only program I know of, that is designed by professional mums, for busy mums, and dedicated 100% to our needs, with no fluffing about – sorry men, this is serious results for serious women only!

On that note, just because the programme is suitable for everyone doesn’t mean I can do it for you. I’m not going to be phoning you every morning asking have you done your workout yet, and I’m not accompanying you to the supermarket or cooking your meals. You have to want to change and be proactive, be prepared to start loving and nourishing your body and giving it what it needs to be healthy – good food, being active, and plenty of rest.

If you want to be handed some cookie cutter plan that dictates every moment of your day then this isn’t for you. You’re an intelligent, adult woman who is perfectly capable of learning and making smart decisions, and I have confidence in you that you can do this. 

I am there to teach, coach and guide you through this process to keep you on track.

The BodyBack Programme is for Mums who want to feel fantastic and are prepared to make some changes to make that happen.

At less than the price of a coffee a day it's accessible to everyone, and I want it to stay that way because I want to help as many Mums as possible.

It’s for women who want to say goodbye to crash diets, yo-yoing weight, unsustainable or ineffective exercise plans and replace it with lifelong tools, skills and habits that mean you’ll never need to ‘go on a diet’ again.

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