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Guilt Free Protein Pow Orange Coconut Cake

I prefer to make my own birthday cake every year, as it gives me a chance to experiment with healthy baking options. I’m a December baby, and this was this years tasty result! ORANGE & COCONUT CAKE   Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off […]

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Garlic & Herb Protein Pow Pancake

garlic herb protein pancake

I LOVE pancakes! Breakfast, lunch, supper, snack, anytime is pancake time and every day is pancake day. Why? Well for starters you can make them in 5 minutes, literally. Suits me. Secondly, they can be any flavour, again literally, in the world. I see a lot of sweet pancakes and baking going on on social […]

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Healthy Winter Warmer Recipes

The winter coats have been bought, the scarves are almost permanently attached to our necks and the shops are playing Christmas songs; winter really is here. What better way to make us feel all warm and cosy then than some winter warmer recipes? Whether you’re pre-toxing for the festive season, need something quick and easy […]

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Christmas Praline Chocolate Gluten-Free Chia Porridge

Is it just me or does ‘normal’ porridge get a bit samey? I love, no make that absolutely adore a hot bowl of something squidgy and comforting on winter mornings. There’s something about it being almost too hot to eat that somehow makes it feel much more satisfying than a cold breakfast, at least in […]

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Annual Guide To Winter Fruit & Vegetables

British soils don’t hang up their coats for winter Rather they switch to providing us with hearty, sustaining produce that offers us the energy and warmth we need to keep going through the cold weather. Here are some reasons to love local fruit and veg this winter: Low Calorie Root vegetables are richer in starch […]

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Pumpkin Recipes Packed With Protein

Hands up who had carving faces into pumpkins on the ‘to-do’ list this week? Us too! My kids have a great time with Daddy (it’s a yearly ritual) designing, drawing, cutting and scraping away while I attempt to control the mess. And I make sure they don’t throw away any of the insides – I […]

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Healthy Ricotta Pancakes

ricotta pancake

Think pancakes are an indulgent treat? Well they are but they can also be super healthy if you know how to make them as such! Check out my contribution to Nicola Joyce aka The Fit Writer’s blog on healthy pancake recipes. FLOURLESS RICOTTA PANCAKES Ingredients (makes 2 pancakes) – 2 eggs – 100g ricotta cheese – […]

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The Working Lunch – packed lunches on the go

The Working Lunch   Juggling work with family life, chores, school runs and everything else is not easy, that much we know. It’s easy to see why personal health and care can be you pushed to the bottom of our priorities. Yet is exactly because we’re so busy that we should put some thought into […]

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The 10 Unbelievable Benefits of Cocoa Powder

Cocoa’s history goes back to 2000BC when the bean grew in the Amazon. The Mayans and Aztecs were the first to really embrace cocoa, consuming it as a bitter drink with added spices which they believed boosted fertility, strength, knowledge and even had mystical powers. Cocoa was even referred to as the ‘food of the […]

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If you like the combination of nuts and chocolate you’re going to love these, yet they’re so healthy you could eat them for breakfast! (Sshh don’t tell the kids I said that!) INGREDIENTS Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all orders!   140g ground […]

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