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Niki’s Organic Balms Review

Niki McGlynn is a homeopath and reflexologist who created Niki’s Organic Balms after being disappointed with the reflexology products available. The range has expanded to do so much more than aid in foot care…….read on to see the multiple uses I found when I had the opportunity to try them….. First Impressions They’re organic. Brownie […]

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Wheyhey Ice Cream Review

When I first decided to cut back on sugars and starch, as much as I was looking forward to having more energy, better overall health, and being stronger and more toned, I was slightly (ok very) daunted as to how on earth I was going to enjoy life without sweet treats. I have a serious […]

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To Supplement or Not To Supplement

The dietary supplements industry is worth $68 billion worldwide. That’s a lot of pills. Shouldn’t  we be able to get all the nutrients our bodies need from food? In an ideal world that’s exactly what we’d do. Unfortunately we don’t live in an ideal world. You can get tested to assess the nutrient levels in […]

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Chain Restaurants – Pick Of The Menus

Why is it that as soon as people leave the comforts of home and eat anywhere else, all sense of health, nutrition and portion control go out of the window? It is the ‘treat factor’? I get that, but these days we eat out so often that these ‘treats’ are actually having an impact on […]

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Brodie Skincare Review

I would like to start by stating that no, I have not been paid to write this blog. Neither am I receiving a big box of freebies as a thank you (so far as I know!), and no, the creators of Brodie Skincare are not friends of mine; I am doing nobody a favour. Secondly, […]

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Only Fat People Use Raspberry Ketones

  Raspberry Ketones; all over the news, but what exactly are they? A new confectionary? This season’s must have shoe colour? A type of birth mark? Actually, Ketones are compounds found in various berries, and are commonly used in perfumery, cosmetics, and foods to impart a fruity odour. Extraction can be done using a variety […]

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What Is That White Powder You Are Taking?

protein powder healthier food

In this weeks blog, we take a look at the ingredients that are used in Protein Powders…why these ingredients and drinks can be so important in the fatloss lifestyle approach, and basically clearing up a few misconceptions! What makes a good protein powder? AMINO ACID CONTENT A complete protein includes at least 20 different naturally […]

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