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Turn your Favourite Meals into Healthy Recipes

healthy recipes

Looking online for healthy recipes for inspiration is great for preventing boredom.   And it will challenge you to get out of your cooking comfort zone, and maybe even try some new foods or cooking them in a different way that you hadn’t thought of.   But in the average family household getting adventurous poses […]

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How To Speed Up Metabolism

speed up metabolism burn calories

Your metabolism controls how quickly you burn up energy from the food you eat and stored fat, so is it possible to speed up metabolism?   A fast metabolism will mean you have more energy, are able to eat more food without gaining weight, and will find losing weight much easier.   Unfortunately the thing […]

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How to Stop Comfort Eating

comfort eating cake

You need to stop comfort eating if you are to repair your relationship with food and have the health and body you want.   It’s also damaging your emotional well being and self esteem, and confidence in yourself.   But you know this, so how can you break the cycle and stop comfort eating once […]

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What are the Calories Burned by Exercise

calories burned by exercise

The calories burned by exercise obviously matter because it contributes to the energy balance.   Meaning, it will help you to burn more calories that you’re eating, so you’ll lose weight (presuming that’s your goal).   But how many calories are burned during different types of exercise? What type of workouts burn the most calories? […]

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Is Breakfast Important?

is breakfast important

Is breakfast important for health and weight loss?   Is breakfast really the most important meal of the day or can you get away with skipping it?   What if you genuinely don’t feel hungry in the morning, or don’t have time for breakfast? How about if you exercise in the morning, does that make […]

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

alcohol and weight loss woman wine

Are alcohol and weight loss compatible? Is it possible to still drink alcohol occasionally while still losing weight or will it stall progress completely?   (Read this  blog on alcohol after watching, too: Why Alcohol Hinders Fatloss)   What are the downsides to drinking alcohol other than it contains calories? Click Here to watch the video […]

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How Much Fat Should You Eat for Weight Loss?

how much fat butter

How much fat is necessary for health, and how much is too much?   What if your goals are weight loss, does that mean you should eat less fat?   What are the healthiest types of fat, and which ones should you be avoiding? Unfortunately there’s no one exact number for everyone, since everyone’s body, […]

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The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

sleep and weight loss

You might not think sleep and weight loss are connected but in fact when you’re asleep is when the magic happens.   As they say, it’s not in the gym where the progress is made, it’s when you’re resting afterwards.   However if you’re a busy Mum chances are your sleep has taken a hit […]

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6 Exercises for Back Pain

exercises for back pain

Doing a few simple exercises for back pain can really help to reduce symptoms or even prevent back pain from occurring in the first place.   If you have an actual injury you need to get advice from your healthcare professionals as each person’s problems are unique.   But most pack pain isn’t due to […]

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How do you know if you have a Food Intolerance?

food intolerance

There are many expensive food intolerance tests you can do, but are they reliable?   Food intolerances are on the rise – more people are reacting to previously every day foods such as milk, bread, corn and soy products (a common additive).   The most common intolerances are gluten (in wheat and some other grains), […]

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