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Record Video Testimonial

Hey Mum!

Thanks for taking the time to record a video about your

experiences with The Fit Mum Formula.


You can record your video on any smart phone with a camera, tablet, or laptop, just follow the instructions on the following page (button below)


NB. Sometimes the link below doesn’t work – I would be SO grateful if you could please record a quick video on your phone or computer and send it to me, if you don’t know how just ask me and I’ll walk you through it. Thank you!


Please could you answer the following questions in your video:

  1. How were you feeling before coming across The Fit Mum Formula? What were your struggles and frustrations?
  2. What were your goals that you hoped to achieve?
  3. What are/were your favourite bits about what you’ve learned with The Fit Mum Formula?
  4. How has your life, and feelings about your body and your relationship with food improved?
  5. Why would you recommend The Fit Mum Formula to other Mums in your position?



  1. Click the red ‘Record Video’ button
  2. When/If prompted to give permission for camera & microphone access, click ‘allow’
  3. Click ‘record’ then ‘stop’ when you’ve finished
  4. Either ‘retake’ the video, or ‘submit’

Record Your Video By Clicking Here