Supermarket & Cupboard Makeovers - THE FIT MUM FORMULA

Do your cupboards need a detox? 

Is your trolley full of treats?

Do you regularly find yourself buying, cooking with, and eating foods that are contributing to being overweight and not allowing you to feel amazing every day?

Being a Mum is the hardest job in the world (albeit the best, too) and one way of making life easier is to buy and eat the same things over and over out of habit. 

But what if these foods and meals are leaving you feeling over weight, sluggish, having not enough energy and quite frankly, stuck in a kitchen rut?

You know you need to do something and change but the whole task seems so overwhelming you've been putting it off, hoping an easier solution will come along instead.

Like a super strict and restrictive meal plan, that, though you hate it and it makes life miserable, at least means you don't have to think about it for 2 weeks (before returning to how things were before, and repeating every so often.....madness!)

Or the meal replacement diet - 2 shakes, a bar and rehydrated soup every day....yum! Or not.

You know long term you need to actually change your lifestyle, the way you shop, cook and eat. In a way that still allows room for all the gooey tasty chocolatey crispy creamy treats you want, just maybe not as much as you're having at the moment.

You know you could do with knowing what to eat when you really can't be bothered to cook, but isn't a 1000 calorie korma.

You really would like to be able to make a meal in 2 minutes and it still be healthy and budget friendly, but when you look in the fridge nothing seems to fit the bill.

My fridge, can you tell I actually really hate shopping too?! Yep I'm a busy Mum just like you!

But I do it anyway..........and do a pretty good job of keeping healthy stuff in stock most of the time:

Good news - I'm going to show you

how to do ALL of this!

I'll go through your cupboards and fridge with you, we'll do a tidy up and clear out, talk about what you and your family like and don't like, and plan some ideas for meals based on what you already have in the house.

Then if you choose to, we'll go shopping together and walk round the supermarket like you normally would (or we'll log onto your usual online food shopping outlet) and essentially do a shop together, only better, much better!

Currently in person services are limited to certain areas of Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire (see map), but I have a solution thanks to online supermarket shopping - see below for details. However if you live outside of this area in person services can still be booked with an additional 45p per mile beginning outside of the area covered. Email and with your postcode and I'll send you a quote. 


Q: Will I get follow up help if I have questions or need help after our session?

A: I'll be on hand for email support. If suitable, I also have other online plans that might be a perfect fit for you. But if you just have a few simple questions then sure you can email me afterwards.

Q: I'm not sure I can afford this.

A: The great thing about in person, personalised services is that we achieve so much more in less time that you'll probably save money in the long run by not needing to pay for coaching or diet plans in future! But check out my other plans, some are as little as £20 one off, or £10 a week for a membership. Alternatively I have a tonne of free content on my blog and social channels.

Q: What if my kids aren't at school and I can't get childcare?

A: That's fine we can do it with them present. Remember I've got young kids of my own so I know what it's like and we'll manage, like us Mums always do!

Q: Will I get a meal plan?

A: I can give you some template plans I have, but actually what's even better is we can create a meal plan on the day, all totally personalised to what you like to buy, eat, or already have in the house. 

Q: What if I just want to eat healthier but don't need to lose weight? Or have other health challenges like allergies in the family?

A: Since this is a personalised service we can tailor it totally to you. Maybe it's more energy you want or to cut down the amount of time you spend cooking. We'll talk about what you want to achieve before the day so when we're together we can get right into it.

Q: What if I'm not happy, can I get a refund?

A: I'm very confident you'll be extremely happy, but if you truly think you have not benefited in a single way, then you will receive a full refund in return for some feedback on what you weren't happy with and how your time with me could have been made better. 

Kitchen Cupboard & Fridge Clearout

I visit you at home and we spend 2 hours together giving your kitchen a health makeover!



  • Learn in 2 hrs what it would take ages to figure out by yourself
  • Free Tea & Coffee
  • No hidden costs - travel fee is included
  • We won't throw out (waste!) a tonne of food
  • You still get to eat what you love, and I won't make you eat what you hate

Live too far away?

Online Supermarket shop make0ver

I'll go through your online supermarket shopping cart with you and we'll edit it until it suits both your and your family's tastes AND your health goals. 



  • Save time shopping in future - you'll know straight away what to buy
  • Save money - how to shop healthily on a budget
  • You don't have to leave home - all done online
  • Any online food shop is suitable - you choose
  • All food preferences covered - I won't make you buy anything you don't want or like
Supermarket Tour

2 hours in your local supermarket (or online); shopping from now on will be so healthy and easy!



  • Save time shopping in future - you'll know straight away what to buy
  • Save money - how to shop healthily on a budget
  • No hidden costs - travel fee is included
  • Any food shop is suitable - you choose
  • All food preferences covered - I won't make you buy anything you don't want or like

Please check your email following booking to arrange a day and time. If you don't receive and email within 1 hour (check spam) please email me at

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