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Are You Trying To Out Exercise a Bad Diet?

exercise bad diet

It’s said that you can’t out exercise a bad diet but how true is this really?   After all weight loss is a simple case of calories in being lower than calories out, so hypothetically if you exercised enough (burned calories) you could offset a calorie controlled but poor quality diet (junk).   Maybe it’s […]

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Are Hunger Hormones Keeping You Fat?

hunger hormones

While calories dictate weight loss and gain, hunger hormones could be making you eat more and gain weight (or not lose it) as a result.   There are various hunger hormones at play but the main ones are leptin and ghrelin.   Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach and makes you hungry. Leptin is released […]

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How Often Should You Eat For Weight Loss?

how often should you eat clocks

To lose weight you need to eat fewer calories overall, but how often should you eat for weight loss?   Some people thing eating little and often is best. At the other end of the scale Intermittent Fasting, not eating at all for several hours (or entire days) and eating more on other days is […]

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Unusual reasons why you have you gained weight

gained weight

If you have gained weight without meaning to there will always be a reason behind it.   Nobody ever puts on or loses weight without an underlying reason – we’re physical beings, it’s science.   The question is, why have you gained weight?   When you know the answer to this, you can reverse the […]

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Unlimited Calorie Free Food?!

calorie free food

As a qualified Nutritionist I read something equally confusing and shocking the other day, regarding calorie free food and it’s existence (other than ice, obvs). Basically if you are on Slimming World then you count ‘syns’ which is another way of counting calories, (but more confusing as it doesn’t really correlate with the actual calorie […]

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How To Lose Weight Eating Junk Food

junk food

Is it possible to lose weight eating junk food? The calories in vs calories out camp would have you believe so, as would bodybuilders and fitness fans who follow IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros) The ‘clean eating’ camp tell you it’s food type and quality that matters more. So which is true? Can you […]

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Is Peanut Butter Healthy?

peanut butter healthy

Is peanut butter healthy or unhealthy? Will it make you fat?   Is it bad for you heart? Is it junk food? Peanut butter is popular in bodybuilding circles. It’s also used by the clean eating clan. It’s equally an important part of many popular chocolate bars! No wonder it’s confusing. Click Here to watch the […]

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How To Have a Healthy Christmas

healthy christmas

A healthy Christmas doesn’t have to be boring or mean deprivation. However eating healthily when you’re surrounded by calorific tasty treats is not easy.   But healthy Christmas food is available too, not just Brussels sprouts & clementines, but in the sense that it is possible to enjoy treats while exercising some restraint at the […]

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You Should Eat Mince Pies on a Diet

mince pies

Is it ok to eat mince pies when you’re trying to eat healthily? What about all the other tasty festive treats we’re surrounded by over Christmas, surely they’re going to ruin your diet?   The ‘problem’ with these foods is that they are usually high in sugar and fat, making them high calorie (which adds up […]

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Portion Control for Weight Loss

portion control

When I ask Mums why they think they’re overweight, portion control, or rather, lack of it, is a fairly common response.   I would argue it’s too simple to say eat less.   That would mean you were hungry, and less able to resist overeating later, and I have a big appetite personally, so eat […]

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