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Healthier Millionaire Shortbread

healthier millionaire shortbread

Millionaire’s Shortbread has been my husband’s favourite afternoon tea treat (or any time!) for as long as I can remember, and he can’t order a coffee from a coffee shop without adding one to his purchases. So with good intentions to keep the family healthy as far as possible I set out to create a […]

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Swede and Hemp Protein Brownies

hemp protein brownies 2

These hemp protein brownies are rich, chocolatey and luxurious. But unlike high sugar, refined flour versions, these are filling and sustaining, high in protein and fibre, and smugly wholesome!   Hemp lends itself really well to chocolate recipes. Like coffee, the deep flavour really brings out the chocolatey taste.   Hemp protein is also really […]

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Chocolate Protein Ice Cream

chocolate protein ice cream

For Summer puddings that aren’t packed with sugar but are packed with flavour and health benefits look no further than Protein Ice Cream!   The beauty of making your own protein ice cream is that the flavour and combinations are endless;   Add dark chocolate chips or cacao nibs, drizzle with sugar free syrup (yes […]

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Pulsin Natural Protein Bars Review

I love protein bars because they’re filling, nutritious, and help build and repair muscle while allowing me to satisfy my sweet tooth, but natural protein bars are surprisingly hard to come by!   In fact one day I’ll make my own (watch this space) but for now my high standards when it comes to both […]

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Healthy Homemade Chocolates for Valentines Day

homemade chocolates valentines

Giving your loved one homemade chocolates on Valentines Day provides the best of both worlds.   Pretty much everyone loves chocolate, and equally everyone really appreciates the value of someone putting time and effort into making rather than buying a gift.   Luckily these cute pink chocolates take literally 3 minutes to make and not […]

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Creative Nature Brownie Mix Review

It put a smile on my face the day a bag of Creative Nature Brownie mix arrived through the post. I’m not one to say no to free food, especially if it’s chocolate cake. I actually really enjoy baking and am happy to bake from scratch. You can check out some of my creations by […]

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Chocolate Brownie Sandwich Cake with Cashew Cream

Chocolate Brownie Sandwich Cake with Cashew Cream Father’s Day is just around the corner as the time of writing and we all know that hand made presents and treats like this chocolate sandwich cake (perfect for afternoon tea) beat novelty socks hands down every time. For some it’s beer, others love a good hearty pie, […]

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How To Stop Craving Chocolate

In this video I’m going to show you a simple solution for how to stop craving chocolate. It’s all very well committing to not eating chocolate, biscuits, ice cream and cake, but what about when cravings strike? I’m not talking about genuine hunger, which comes from the stomach (in which case, eat!), this is about […]

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Homemade Quest Bars – 2 Recipes!

Ever fancied trying to make your own homemade Quest bars? People who are into their healthy eating, training and eating lots of protein love Quest bars because they’re pretty natural with hardly any ingredients. You can read my review of Quest bars by clicking here <== Most ‘Homemade Quest-Style bars’ you’ll find on the internet […]

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Low Carb Chocolate Dipped Viennese Biscuits

If you like chocolate (and if you landed on this page I’m guessing you do) and biscuits (again, no brainer) then these low carb chocolate dipped Viennese biscuits are going to be your sort of thing. Us Mums are prone to sneaking the odd biscuit with our tea to give us an energy lift and […]

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