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Why Healthy Winter Food Matters Most

winter food

When we think of winter food we think of dumplings and soup, pies and hot potatoes.   But adding more protein to your plate this season could mean a trimmer holiday waistline, fewer cavities, fewer colds, and more energy. Not to mention healthy, shiny hair.   As much as we crave starchy, carb rich comfort […]

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5 Healthy Options When You Need Comfort Food

Healthy and comfort food aren’t usually paired together in the same sentence. Comfort food suggests unhealthy, calorific, giant sized plates of fat and sugar designed to trigger dopamine in the brain (the feel good hormone) and warm our bellies into a satisfied slumber when you’re feeling tired and grumpy.     There’s nothing wrong with […]

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Caramelised Onion Tart

Caramelised Onion Tart Makes 2 small tarts   This tastes much more indulgent than it actually is. Whether you choose the brown rice protein or buckwheat flour will determine whether your pie is higher or lower in protein and carbohydrates (the buckwheat being higher in carbs) but beyond that both are very nutritious, and both […]

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Healthy Winter Warmer Recipes

The winter coats have been bought, the scarves are almost permanently attached to our necks and the shops are playing Christmas songs; winter really is here. What better way to make us feel all warm and cosy then than some winter warmer recipes? Whether you’re pre-toxing for the festive season, need something quick and easy […]

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