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How to Make Tasty Healthy Food

tasty healthy food

Being able to make tasty healthy food is important because no matter how dedicated and determined you are, if you food is consistently bland and boring your’re going to have a hard time sticking to it.   But how do you make healthy food taste good without adding a tonne of calories?   If you […]

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Turn your Favourite Meals into Healthy Recipes

healthy recipes

Looking online for healthy recipes for inspiration is great for preventing boredom.   And it will challenge you to get out of your cooking comfort zone, and maybe even try some new foods or cooking them in a different way that you hadn’t thought of.   But in the average family household getting adventurous poses […]

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Is seaweed spaghetti actually any good?

seaweed spaghetti

I’d never even heard of seaweed spaghetti until a couple of years ago, and first assumed it must be seaweed flavoured pasta, like that green spinach pasta I was always suspicious of as a child.   But it turns out seaweed spaghetti isn’t actually pasta at all.   It’s 100% seaweed, no added anything, yet […]

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Healthy Comfort Food for Winter

healthy comfort food

We tend to crave rich, stodgy comfort food in Winter. Pies, stews, jacket potatoes and steamed puddings are a belly hug for those cold days when we just want to snuggle up on the sofa with a blanket.   But that sort of food isn’t so helpful if your goal is to lose weight, as […]

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FREE Healthy Christmas Recipes!

healthy christmas recipes egg nog

Swapping calorie laden treats for healthy Christmas recipes that still taste amazing is one simple way to avoid weight gain this Christmas. Not only that but you’ll have more energy, feel less sluggish and bloated, avoid indigestion, and are less likely to fall ill with colds and flu during the cold weather. Give your Christmas […]

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Kid Friendly Indian Food

kid friendly indian food

Kid friendly Indian food is hard to come by in most take-away outlets and restaurants in my experience.   And many busy Mums consider making your own curry from scratch way too complicated. But that’s all changing now that reknowned cookery writer and chef Hari Ghotra is helping turn Indian food into simple every day […]

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10 Scarily Easy Pumpkin Recipes

pumpkin recipes

It’s a Google search I do every year – pumpkin recipes that look both tasty and healthy enough to hoard every last bit of orange flesh once Daddy and the kids have finished carving.   I do think it was wonderful team work between the founding Pagan’s and school Government advisors to make Halloween fall […]

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5 Healthy Options When You Need Comfort Food

Healthy and comfort food aren’t usually paired together in the same sentence. Comfort food suggests unhealthy, calorific, giant sized plates of fat and sugar designed to trigger dopamine in the brain (the feel good hormone) and warm our bellies into a satisfied slumber when you’re feeling tired and grumpy.     There’s nothing wrong with […]

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How to Turn Boring Food into Tasty Meals

Most people realise that some of their favourite tasty meals are going to need restricting or adapting on a weight loss diet.   And that’s certainly true to a point – most people can’t get away with 1500 calories of spaghetti carbonara with garlic bread or a take-away korma with naan and bhajis and still […]

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Benefits of Coconut (and what to do with it)

You can’t have missed the rising popularity of coconut in the last couple of years, and for good reason – the benefits of coconut and products made with it are so broad and it’s uses so variable it’s fast replacing many foods and even toiletries and medicines! The coconut provides a nutritious source of meat, […]

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