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Nutrition Myths Busted

nutrition myths

Health and diet trends come and go so it was interesting reading this article from about their predicted nutrition myths of 2017 now we’re approaching the end of the year. We’re heading towards the end of the 2017 faster than you can say Father Christmas so I thought it was a good time to […]

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What are High Vibration Foods

high vibration foods

High vibration foods are the latest buzz phrase in the healthsphere.   The theory states that like all physical matter (like light, heat and sound) have different energy vibrations, and as such some foods will have a higher energy vibration than others, making them healthier.   High vibration foods include fresh organic fruit and vegetables, […]

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Why I Eat Fish Fingers and Drink Diet Coke as a Health Professional

fish fingers

If you’re a devout follower of wellness bloggers, spend hundreds on superfood powders, and believe preservatives will give you early dementia then we might not get along.   Look, there’s nothing wrong with chia seed coconut milk maca overnight oat-less oatmeal. And I agree those edible flowers Waitrose have started selling are rather pretty.   […]

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One Angry Chef and the Detox Myth

angry chef detox myth

It’s Summer as I type this – the hottest week in 20 years, and I’m being targeted with adverts online about Detox Retreats, so I’m devoting the next 10 minutes to debunking the detox myth.   With a new wellness / detox / clean eating /vegan / paleo / alkaline bloggers taking over our Instagram […]

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Alcohol and Weight Loss

alcohol and weight loss woman wine

Are alcohol and weight loss compatible? Is it possible to still drink alcohol occasionally while still losing weight or will it stall progress completely?   (Read this  blog on alcohol after watching, too: Why Alcohol Hinders Fatloss)   What are the downsides to drinking alcohol other than it contains calories? Click Here to watch the video […]

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Do You Need To Take Vitamins?


Half of all Brits will be taking vitamins and minerals in supplement at any one time.   Vitamin and Supplement manufacturers would have you believe that you need to be taking all sorts of supplements every day.   But do you actually need to supplement with vitamins or are they a waste of money? Multivitamin and […]

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Are these Diet Plans just Fads?

fad diet plans

Paleo, Atkins, Dukan, Clean Eating, oh no NOT ANOTHER FAD DIET! What’s causing this rise in ‘faddy’ diet plans?   Why can’t we all just eat sensibly?   Absolutely, that’s entirely what we should be doing. But before you dismiss these virtually household names on the basis that they’re promoting expensive products with a fancy […]

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Clean Eating – Is it right for you?

clean eating salad

Clean eating has been a massive trend for some years now,   But what exactly is it, is it healthy, and is it right for you and your family?   While there’s no official definition of clean eating, most advocators insist on no processed foods, no refined sugar or flour, And some cut out dairy […]

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Does Weight Loss Tea or Coffee Work?

weight loss tea

I’m seeing a big increase in sales people promoting expensive weight loss tea and coffee products that contain added ingredients, purported to provide extra health benefits.   These range from weight loss to fat burning, increased immunity and longevity, to clearer thinking and improved brain functioning, some even say they prevent or cure diseases like […]

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Weight Loss Pills Review

weight loss pills

Losing weight can be a struggle, so it’s no wonder you’ve likely considered trying weight loss pills to help and speed up the process.   Do weight loss pills actually work?   If so HOW do they work?   I’ll be discussing all the different types of weight loss pills and how they work differently, […]

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