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How To Get Started with Healthy Eating & Exercise

start healthy eating

Getting started with healthy eating and exercise is always the first step.   Old habits may be deeply ingrained and it will take a while for these to be replaced with new, healthier choices.   Taking on a new diet and exercise plan may also seem completely overwhelming at first. If you make it too […]

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Are Fitness Trackers Accurate?

fitness trackers

Fitness Trackers such as FitBit, Garmin and Apple Watch are growing in popularity and everyone seems to be tracking their activity these days. But are fitness trackers accurate?   How accurate, or how inaccurate? And does this mean they are useless and we shouldn’t waste our money? Or do they still have their uses? Click […]

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9 Awesome Christmas Fitness Gifts

christmas fitness gift

Fitness gifts make excellent Christmas presents for lots of reasons. They’re also a lot more personal than chocolates, booze and toiletries as they tell the receiver you really know what they are interested in.   And they’re certainly healthier than the first two! Of course a little discretion is required. I wouldn’t be too impressed […]

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List of Equipment-Free Home Bodyweight Exercises

Having a trusty list of bodyweight exercises in your repertoire is vital to enable you to get a good workout in wherever you are and whatever circumstances you’re in. Always practical and great results! Getting to the gym isn’t always possible – holidays, family to look after, and work schedules mean that being able to […]

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10 Things You Can Do To Get Healthier Now

In today’s world, we are constantly bombarded with the idea that we are not good enough.   Social media is full of advertisements that encourage us to be better and to get thinner; from the tabloids to the television to Instagram to the news, we are constantly assured that our best self is just out […]

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Fitness Myths Debunked

There are several questions or diet and fitness myths that my clients often ask or are confused about when they start their health and fitness journey. You have heard these fitness myths over and over again and you want to understand why exactly they are myths and should be ignored. By the end of the […]

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Home Workout Video: Indoor Cardio

If getting to the gym is a pain then a home workout is the answer to your fitness needs. While having two hours a day to spend in the gym or even just go to a few fun classes might be a luxury for some, The rest of us have childcare to arrange, jobs to […]

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Is Running Bad For You?

Is running bad for you? Well have you ever seen the pictures comparing a marathon runner to a sprinter?! A sprinter looks toned and fit, a marathon runner looks like….um…..your Grandparents after not eating for a month?! Many people think that to lose weight they should go out running or jogging, but actually, whilst this […]

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60 Second Daily Workout

While a daily workout is something you imagine only Olympians and childless work from home yoga bunnies do (and Instagram ‘models’, of course), You might be surprised to see how, when done well, you too could benefit from a daily workout. When you’re really busy (and who’s life isn’t these days?) exercise might be the […]

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Play This Fun Fitness Game to Win Back Your Health!

If you want some spontaneous fun fitness ideas then look no further than this online fun fitness roulette game from Ladbrokes. Let’s face it we can all get into a rut with our exercise and diet regimes, so anything that encourages us to inject a bit of variety is going to stop you getting bored, […]

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