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How to Get More Protein for Women who are Too Busy

protein for women

Protein powders have been popular in the fitness industry for years, but only recently have they become more mainstream, and too often I find people, especially those new to getting fit and healthy, suspicious about a big tub of powder with labels they don’t understand.   But dismissing protein powders is missing a trick, and […]

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FitBakes – the High Protein, Low Calorie Cake (Review)

fitbakes low calorie cake review

Ella from FitBakes has created low calorie, high protein cake pots for health and calorie conscious cake and fitness lovers alike. But do they taste as good as real cake? I tried them and will give you my verdict here.   I love cake (don’t we all?) but I’m also a 5’2 petite woman who, […]

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The Best Vegetarian Protein Foods (video)

vegetarian protein

The biggest problem I see with vegetarians is lack of protein. In this video I’ll show you some of the best vegetarian protein foods. If you’re a vegetarian you need to make sure you’re getting enough protein, since you don’t eat meat or fish. Some vegetarian foods are better at providing protein than others, and […]

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High Protein Healthy Hummus Recipe

healthy hummus recipe

Traditional hummus is healthy but pretty high in fat and calories, so this healthy hummus recipe is perfect if you’re trying to cut calories and lose weight.   Nothing wrong with fat, especially ones like olive oil that’s often used in hummus, but the calories stack up pretty quickly at at least 300 calories per 100g […]

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Advice on Protein For Women

protein for women

Are the recommendations on protein for women the same as for men?   Do most women need more protein need more protein than they’re currently eating?   Why? And if so, what’s the best way to get that protein?   The Huffington Post asked me if, and why, I use protein shakes.   I love […]

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8 Tips to Finding Healthy Cheap Protein Foods

cheap protein foods

Protein is an important part of a healthy diet, but finding cheap protein foods takes a bit of thought.   If you’re used to buying (and eating) lots of processed carbs like bread, pasta, and biscuits as well as lots staples like oats and rice then you’ll notice that protein foods tend to be more […]

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Best Protein Foods for Weight Loss

protein foods

What are the best protein foods when you’re trying to lose weight?   Protein is very important for everyone, but especially for people who exercise as protein repairs muscle.   It’s also extra important for anyone on a weight loss diet, as it will help preserve the muscle you have, so you burn fat instead […]

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Why Healthy Winter Food Matters Most

winter food

When we think of winter food we think of dumplings and soup, pies and hot potatoes.   But adding more protein to your plate this season could mean a trimmer holiday waistline, fewer cavities, fewer colds, and more energy. Not to mention healthy, shiny hair.   As much as we crave starchy, carb rich comfort […]

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The Best Dairy Alternatives When You Need Protein

dairy alternatives yoghurt

These days many people are opting to follow a dairy free diet, and producers have thankfully responded with a vast array of dairy alternatives that make dairy free living easier.   Dairy products are very nutritious, containing protein, some carbohydrates and fat, as well as vitamins A, D, E and K, plus the minerals calcium, […]

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What’s The Best Post Workout Meal?

Your post workout meal – the first meal you eat after an intense workout, can make a big difference to how you progress towards your fitness, strength, and weight loss goals. This increases in importance the more advanced you get; People who are new to exercise or have a lot of weight to lose just […]

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