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Strawberries & Cream Chocolate Chia Pudding

This is actually healthy enough to be an extravagant breakfast, but you wouldn’t know it to taste. Chocolate is the ultimate feel good food at that’s a fact – it actually increases ‘happy’ chemicals serotonin and dopamine in the brain. You also get healthy fats, protein and some antioxidants in the fruit here too. Don’t […]

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Cashew Strawberry Pudding

Strawberry Pudding Serves 4   Serve topped with extra berries, or instead of cream with fruit salad. It would also make a nutritious energy boost added to smoothies. Feel free to vary which fruit you use, removing any large pips before blending. Fresh fruit gives a whipped pudding consistency, frozen is more like ice cream. […]

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  This tastes best if it is made a few days in advance and allowed to mellow, well wrapped and refrigerated. It can also be frozen. Thaw first and reheat in the microwave. Serves 16.   INGREDIENTS Many of the ingredients can be found on buywholefoodsonline here, use code POLLY-IMZB to get 5% off all […]

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