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Are Hunger Hormones Keeping You Fat?

hunger hormones

While calories dictate weight loss and gain, hunger hormones could be making you eat more and gain weight (or not lose it) as a result.   There are various hunger hormones at play but the main ones are leptin and ghrelin.   Ghrelin is secreted in the stomach and makes you hungry. Leptin is released […]

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What are Low Carb Foods Really?

low carb foods

When people say they’re going to cut carbohydrates and eat mostly low carb foods what do they mean my that?   Low carb diets such as Atkins, GI and Dukan have become incredibly popular in recent years, and they can really work for some people because low carb foods like protein are really filling.   […]

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Can You Target Stubborn Fat With Spot Reduction?

spot reduction stubborn fat

All women and men are different shapes and sizes, but is it possible to change your shape by shifting stubborn fat pockets, making some areas smaller while maintaining or growing other areas?   This targeted fat loss for particular areas is known as Spot Reduction.   Body builders and competitive figure athletes appear to be […]

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What’s the Best Pre Workout Meal?

pre workout meal

What’s the best thing to eat for your pre workout meal? Does it even matter what you eat? Is it ok to NOT eat before a workout? As always, it depends on your goal and what the purpose of your workout is. Click Here to watch the video on YouTube and subscribe to hear as […]

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Does Weight Loss Tea or Coffee Work?

weight loss tea

I’m seeing a big increase in sales people promoting expensive weight loss tea and coffee products that contain added ingredients, purported to provide extra health benefits.   These range from weight loss to fat burning, increased immunity and longevity, to clearer thinking and improved brain functioning, some even say they prevent or cure diseases like […]

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Weight Loss Pills Review

weight loss pills

Losing weight can be a struggle, so it’s no wonder you’ve likely considered trying weight loss pills to help and speed up the process.   Do weight loss pills actually work?   If so HOW do they work?   I’ll be discussing all the different types of weight loss pills and how they work differently, […]

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10 Lessons from a World Famous Naturopathic Doctor

naturopathic doctor

It’s not often you get to spend the day with a world famous naturopathic doctor, but when you do, you sure as hell make sure you come away knowing more than when you woke up that day.   Dr Terry Wahls is infamous in the world of natural medicine, known best for using the Paleo […]

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Is There a Connection between Genes and Weight Loss?

You may have wondered if the reason you can’t lose weight is because of the connection between genes and weight loss. Maybe you’ve been blaming your body shape on the genes you inherited from your, also, over weight, parents? This theory can also be applied to normal and underweight people of course. If there is […]

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Thriva Home Health Test – How Healthy Are You Really?

If you’ve ever had a blood test at your GP’s then you’ll know that this sort of health test is only usually given when symptoms suggest something in your body is amiss.   But “Everyone knows prevention is better than cure. In reality though, getting access to some of the most impactful and motivating information […]

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Fitness Myths Debunked

There are several questions or diet and fitness myths that my clients often ask or are confused about when they start their health and fitness journey. You have heard these fitness myths over and over again and you want to understand why exactly they are myths and should be ignored. By the end of the […]

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