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How To Speed Up Metabolism

speed up metabolism burn calories

Your metabolism controls how quickly you burn up energy from the food you eat and stored fat, so is it possible to speed up metabolism?   A fast metabolism will mean you have more energy, are able to eat more food without gaining weight, and will find losing weight much easier.   Unfortunately the thing […]

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How to Stop Comfort Eating

comfort eating cake

You need to stop comfort eating if you are to repair your relationship with food and have the health and body you want.   It’s also damaging your emotional well being and self esteem, and confidence in yourself.   But you know this, so how can you break the cycle and stop comfort eating once […]

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Why Are You Always Hungry?

always hungry

Being always hungry when trying to lose weight is extremely frustrating.   After all you need to eat less but being hungry makes you miserable, uncomfortable, and are much more likely to fall off the wagon.   Maybe you’ve always had a big appetite or maybe this is something that’s started happening more recently, but […]

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The Sleep and Weight Loss Connection

sleep and weight loss

You might not think sleep and weight loss are connected but in fact when you’re asleep is when the magic happens.   As they say, it’s not in the gym where the progress is made, it’s when you’re resting afterwards.   However if you’re a busy Mum chances are your sleep has taken a hit […]

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Are You Trying To Out Exercise a Bad Diet?

exercise bad diet

It’s said that you can’t out exercise a bad diet but how true is this really?   After all weight loss is a simple case of calories in being lower than calories out, so hypothetically if you exercised enough (burned calories) you could offset a calorie controlled but poor quality diet (junk).   Maybe it’s […]

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Can You Change Your Body Weight Set Point?

scale weight set point

Your weight set point is the weight your body believes you need to be.   Your body will defend this weight, making weight loss (or gain) harder.   If you eat less, you will burn less in an attempt to stay at this weight ‘set point’. Unfortunately it doesn’t work the same way so well […]

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How to Rewire Your Subconscious Mind to Lose Weight

subconscious lose weight

Did you know that your subconscious mind may be the reason you can’t lose weight?   You make conscious decisions every day, about what to eat (or not eat), whether to exercise or not, and thousands of other decisions that determine your health and weight loss progress.   Or do you?   The mind has […]

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Are You Overeating Healthy Food?

overeating healthy food

In one camp we have the ‘clean eaters’ who focus on the types of food you eat, prioritising quality over quantity. In the other camp there’s the IIFYM crew who claim you can be healthy and look amazing on a diet of pop tarts and ice cream.   While I think most people would agree […]

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How to Overcome a Weight Loss Plateau

weight loss plateau

Hitting a weight loss plateau is very frustrating.   You’ve been doing all the right things, making progress, losing weight, then all of a sudden you’re not losing weight anymore!   Even if you don’t change your diet or exercise plan at all, a weight loss plateau is something so many people experience. But it’s […]

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Mums’ Weight Loss Video

weight loss video

This weight loss video presentation was created to show how Mums like you can lose weight both safely and permanently.   I’ll teach you exactly how I coach my Mums to lose weight while not going hungry, crushing sugar cravings, ramping up your metabolism and having more energy than you did before kids came along!   […]

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