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Breastfeeding and Fatloss

“Breastfeeding Burns Calories” we are told. It’s also the most natural and nutritious start for your little one, helping to protect against illnesses and allergies, as well as protecting against breast cancer in Mum, so it’s no wonder that almost three quarters of Mums in the UK choose to breastfeed their baby. Hmmm, if that’s so, […]

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The Scales Will Make Fools Of You

They’ve been the cause of many a panic, headache, bad mood, as well as joy, pride and feelings of self-control. Tears are shed and frustration, anger and disappointment take hold. The scales sure do have us under their thumb don’t they. I doubt there’s a person reading this who hasn’t at some point got on […]

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The Perfect Diet

What’s the perfect diet? Is it low carb? Vegetarian? Low sugar? Vegan? Paleo? Low fat? High fat? High fibre? How many calories do we need? How many of these calories should be protein/carbohydrates/fat?   IS there such thing as the perfect diet? What exactly should I be eating? I get asked these sorts of questions […]

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What is Body Fat Percentage?

Body Fat percentage is, quite literally, the percentage of your body that is made up of fat. The remaining percentage includes water, bones, organs, and muscle tissue etc. It is not the same as BMI which measures height versus weight. Two people with the same BMI can have a different body fat percentage. The higher […]

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Is Your Workout Making You Fat?

Think I am crazy? Quite possibly not, as unless you understand the indirect effect different types of exercise have on your body, you may be taking one step forward and two steps back when it comes to fatloss. Firstly, hunger. People don’t just hit the gym café after a workout out of habit – cardiovascular […]

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LBC Radio Live Discussion – why women are fatter than their husbands!

Listen to Polly Live on the Radio! Polly was interviewed on LBC Radio on the 26th September 2014, being asked her views on why women feel bad when they gain more weight than their husbands. The interview discussing a number of reasons and Polly does a good job of demonstrating her knowledge and representing us. […]

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Weight Loss V Fat Loss

Weight Loss v Fat Loss So you have lost weight, fab! Or is it? What did you lose? Fat? Fantastic. Water? Ok, if you had excess. Muscle? Uh Oh. You see, what we really mean when we want to lose weight is that we want to be smaller, go down a dress size, and tone […]

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