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7 Healthy Tips You Can Start Today

healthy tips

Why is it that people make such a palava over starting a new diet plan or exercise regime? These 7 healthy tips are easy, free, and you can literally start them today, now!   Often when I speak to my Mum-clients for the first time they tell me they’re going to go shopping at the […]

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6 Exercises for Back Pain

exercises for back pain

Doing a few simple exercises for back pain can really help to reduce symptoms or even prevent back pain from occurring in the first place.   If you have an actual injury you need to get advice from your healthcare professionals as each person’s problems are unique.   But most pack pain isn’t due to […]

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Are You Trying To Out Exercise a Bad Diet?

exercise bad diet

It’s said that you can’t out exercise a bad diet but how true is this really?   After all weight loss is a simple case of calories in being lower than calories out, so hypothetically if you exercised enough (burned calories) you could offset a calorie controlled but poor quality diet (junk).   Maybe it’s […]

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Fitspiration for Mums

fitspiration for mums

Scroll through Instagram or open a women’s fitness magazine in search of some fitspiration to get you motivated and you’re more likely to be met with skinny models and full time bloggers who are closer to being a child themselves than having a young family at home to care for. Which is why determined Mum […]

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Challenge Your Partner: 6 Fun Fitness Challenges

fitness challenges

If you’re bored of working out alone or need some healthy competition to ramp up your motivation, how about getting a workout buddy and completing some fitness challenges to keep you both on your toes?   Double the incentive!   Many people find that working out with a friend or gym buddy makes them stick […]

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Hip Thrusts for a Perfect Bum

perfect bum exercises

Every woman secretly wants a perfect bum, even if they don’t admit it. But few will know the power of the weighted hip thrust, or even a body weight hip thrust, to achieving a bottom that’s more peach than pancake.   The problem with low calorie diets and too much cardio exercise is that valuable […]

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Can You Target Stubborn Fat With Spot Reduction?

spot reduction stubborn fat

All women and men are different shapes and sizes, but is it possible to change your shape by shifting stubborn fat pockets, making some areas smaller while maintaining or growing other areas?   This targeted fat loss for particular areas is known as Spot Reduction.   Body builders and competitive figure athletes appear to be […]

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What’s the Best Pre Workout Meal?

pre workout meal

What’s the best thing to eat for your pre workout meal? Does it even matter what you eat? Is it ok to NOT eat before a workout? As always, it depends on your goal and what the purpose of your workout is. Click Here to watch the video on YouTube and subscribe to hear as […]

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Sneak Peak of the Fit Mum Weight Loss Programme

weight loss programme video

If you want to part with your heard earned cash to join a weight loss programme this month then you’ll want to know that you’re getting your money’s worth and the end results are as promised. Well as for the second point, to name just a few success stories –   Louise lost 7lb in […]

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FREE Weight Loss Video Course

If you don’t have time to sit down an read lots of blogs and articles each day then my new FREE Weight Loss Video Course will make learning and being motivated a lot easier for you.   This Weightloss Video Course is the simplest and quickest way to learn all you need to know to […]

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